What's in a name
...giving our products a moniker

Like pretty much every furniture company out there, our products have names. Sometimes those names are immediately understandable and relatable to the products they adorn....and sometimes they appear to have been selected by a random name generator...(e.g. a stool named 'Bert'....really?)

In our case, it may seem that the latter is true - but we actually put a little more thought into it.

Each of our products is named after a particular cultivar of apple, and wherever possible, the name or description will somehow relate to the item (however tenuously that may be!).

For example - the 'Hokuto' collection comprises the heaviest pieces we have on offer, therefore it made sense to name it after the heaviest apple ever recorded. An accolade that belongs to a Hokuto apple grown in Hirosaki city in Japan in 2005, weighing in at a whopping 1.85kgs, it's officially the world's heaviest according to the Guinness Book of Records

The Hokuto range

The Hokuto bookcases, workbench, table and stools

The pieces themselves look like they've been carved directly out of a stack of boards and always make a jaw dropping impression (they look stunning in black!)

From the Åkerö trees to the Orenco divider - there truly is something for everyone. Each product has a little bit of information about the apple it's named after at the bottom of the product page via the shop (denoted by the 'book' icon)

The Hokuto apple
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