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All our load bearing & functional furniture (apart from our 'Natural' finish*) is supplied with an ethically sourced, FSC certified, paper based protective coating.

The coating is applied to all  shelves, foot-supports, table  tops and seating, which ensures that all  the  surfaces we interact with most  are extra protected.

Coffee, red wine and blueberry stains come of easily - just wipe the surface with a dry or damp cloth.

*Due to the nature of the finish, furniture and accessories in natural finish are not supplied with protective coating.

Crafted with care.

Skilfully designed and engineered - each piece we select to include in our portfolio is considered in every aspect.

Each item is handmade and assembled prior to leaving our workshop in Höganäs, Sweden.

As such, it comes with the Apple Tree Company's stamp of approval - your personal assurance of quality, sustainability, and a guarantee that your beautifully  crafted piece is fit for purpose. 

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Odoo • Image and Text

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