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Our products are meticulously designed and crafted to help create an environment where you feel at your best, where you feel that you belong and that you can achieve anything. 
What you do matters...and we hope our pieces reflect that.


Odoo • Text and Image

The place to let loose and bring all those crazy, wild ideas to life.

What we've pictured is a mere suggestion of what you might include in your own space. We hope it gets your creative juices flowing.

Pristine - whiteboard
£ 127 £ 127 127.0 GBP
Our version of the classic whiteboard.
Rubens - easel
£ 84 £ 84 84.0 GBP
Sturdy and lightweight, the easel is ideal for displays, presentations or signage.
Toko - box (large)
£ 84 £ 84 84.0 GBP
Large storage box or single drawer for a variety of uses
Åkerö - tree (small)
£ 254 £ 203 203.0 GBP
A decorative feel good piece.
Pristine - chalkboard
£ 127 £ 127 127.0 GBP
Our version of the classic chalkboard.